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*Actual Vidyz customer / paying user

Video Marketing Is Hotter Than Ever In 2024

86% of online
video marketers
video content.

81% of people
feature their video
on their brand’s website.

7 of 10 marketing professionals are optimizing video for SEO.

Marketers who use video
grow revenue
49% faster.

Marketers who use
video recieve
41% more
web traffic.

43% of marketers said they’d create more videos if there were no obstacles

52% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as best for ROI.

Statistics from

Despite - or likely BECAUSE of - the popularity of video … Major platforms shifted the tables to stack the deck in their favor …

and in the process made it harder than ever for independent marketers to get results from video.

It’s Mike and Brett here:

When Brett and I started doing marketing back in 2014 Youtube was a great way to host marketing videos. Heck, it was 100% free and it even drove traffic to our websites.

On top of that, we could embed the videos on our sales pages and had full control on what we wanted to show to our customers. Essentially it was a free hosting service and we were super happy with it.

However, in Spring of 2018 YouTube eliminated some of its biggest benefits for marketers.

Google Eliminates Autoplay

Google struck a huge blow to marketers by removing the ability to autoplay videos. This translated into a massive decline in views, clicks and sales.

At this point we simply accepted this as a change that everyone was going through.

But it got worse.

The YouTube “Traffic Siphon”

In late 2018 YouYube made it so that you could no longer turn off “Related Videos” when someone either paused a video or got to the end. That meant that even if you spent all your time, energy, and money getting someone to your page to watch your video, Youtube was going to take that traffic AWAY from your website.

When someone paused your video it offered MULTIPLE ways for them to click over to Youtube. I counted...a total of SIX links back to Youtube... and away from YOUR marketing pages.

Then … Account Shutdowns
With ZERO Notice

I’ve personally had my account closed for no reason…

…and recently at a marketing event I met an ‘ace’ video
marketer who had a YouTube account with
OVER 163,000 subscribers shut down overnight…

With NO chance of getting it back OR the videos inside

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Youtube is HORRIBLE.
In fact, I still use it on a daily basis to upload my videos and drive traffic to MY website.

But, YouTube is definitely not for marketers anymore.
It has 2 main goals:

- To maximize ITS OWN advertising revenue … and
- To increase so-called ‘user experience’ with related videos

In a nutshell, YouTube wants to direct as much traffic as possible back to its own website. By forcing you to show ‘related’ videos with multiple links back to YouTube … It increases ad revenue by pulling people away from your links & calls-to-action.

Fair enough, but we weren’t looking to build Youtube’s business. We wanted to build OUR own businesses.

So something needed to change…

...and that’s where Brett came in.

He saw the problems these updates had created ... and wasn’t willing to lose his hard-earned traffic.


The video marketing platform designed by successful marketers for successful marketers like you!

Autoplay videos
in ANY browser

Stop losing traffic with “link-free” video player

Add clickable links, coupons, and call-to-actions to ANY video for more sales

Embed on ANY website...or use our cloud-based SEO optimized video pages with built-in social sharing (no domain or hosting needed)

Plays on all mobile devices (mobile responsive)

video hosting

Advanced analytics and tracking

  • Fully customizable video player included

  • Easily share and embed anywhere (works with all page builders)

  • Add clickable links right in the video

  • Sell products INSIDE videos with buy buttons

  • Powerful analytics and tracking included

  • Auto Generated SEO Optimized, Social Media-ready video pages

  • Supports full HD videos

  • 100% mobile friendly

  • Convert videos to animated GIF's

  • Add timers, slides, optin forms, CTA's to your videos

Vidyz is the ONLY marketing video hosting
you’ll EVER need!

Autoplay all your
marketing videos.

Add clickable call to actions

Embed on ANY website...or use our cloud-based SEO optimized video pages. (no domain or hosting needed)

Auto-redirect viewers to ANY link you want WITHOUT them clicking a link

All This With ZERO Links Taking Your Viewers Somewhere You Don’t Want Them Going!
you’ll EVER need!

As with every software solution Brett develops, he never shares it with the market until it exceeds his own demanding expectations.

Brett’s 7 figure online business relies HEAVILY on video as a marketing tool … so he put Vidyz through the paces and started using Vidyz in his own marketing campaigns. Here are some of the results promotions that used Vidyz in them:

SociCake - $3442 in commissions earned
UltraSuite - $1025 in commissions earned
StoryMate - $1733 in commissions earned

DISCLAMER: These are actual afffiliate commissions Brett earned when using Vidyz hosted videos in his promotions. They are ment to inspire you, not trick you. Your results may be different. Brett knows nothing about your personal online business and thus can not make you any specific income gurantees.

Ok this sounds good, but why should
I use this and not YouTube?

Good question :-)

YouTube is a great platform, and we love it, but let’s be honest they are a business and a social network. Their primary goal is to make money for themselves. They do this by pulling traffic from other peoples’ websites to their website by having all kinds of links in your videos back to them.

That’s fine, if you want to be social, but if you want to make money you can’t have some other business leaching your traffic away.

Make 2024 YOUR year with the most POWERFUL
video marketing system created BY marketers
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Take Vidyz for a test drive for 2 full weeks and all the risk is on us. Start seeing a SUBSTANTIAL increase in video views and ZERO loss of traffic to external video player links...

Use our video hosting an player on our dime!

And we're confident you'll never want to go back to "the other guys" again. But in the unlikely event you decide - for any reason - this isn't for you... Just let us know and we'll promptly refund every penny of your small investment.

Frequently asked Questions

How many videos can I have in Vidyz?

With a basic account you get all features to Vidyz and can host up to 10 videos at once (if you delete on you can add another). You can upgrade to unlimited if you chose at any time.

Do I need a website
or hosting?

No! Your videos are hosted on our high end secure servers. So are your auto generated video pages

Is Vidyz mobile friendly?

Yes! Your videos and your auto generated video pages will work on any mobile device and are mobile responsive

What if
I need help?

Our support is here for you, we respond so fast you won’t believe it.